About Us

HeavenKing.co aims to stand out with exceptional service and a wide choice of products at one single spot.

We are headquartered at Plot No. 176, Rajapur anshik koron road, Bharatganj Meja, Prayagraj – 212104 , strategically located to bridge the gap between supply and demand, providing highly affordable products and services through our e-commerce website. Just started in January 2020, founded by HeavenKing Bizz World Pvt. Ltd  we have already turned into a multi-brand website, serving a wide range of customers from all over the region. Company overall starting business other sector standing at (2017)

We are a “one of its kind” e-commerce website that sells products and services from the same platform. Dependability and a great after-sale service are our hallmarks. We believe that the journey that you begin by visiting our website doesn’t end when you have purchased our product. It is a journey that has just started. It is a journey of our partnership.

We source our products from the best vendors and brands available nationally. Similarly, when it comes to including services on our website, we partner with the best service providers.

There are many e-commerce websites that either end up exploiting suppliers/vendors or shortchanging customers and clients, but this is not our intention at heavenking.co. We believe in growth and growth means for all concerned parties. We believe that whether it is our management, or the suppliers and vendors or the customers and clients, they all have stakes and they must get a platform that provides opportunities to all.

Along with promoting recognizable and renowned brands, we are also promoting products and services from start-ups to help them reach a wider market.

Hence, as a vendor or a service provider, even if you are a very small business, you can use our platform to grow your business and reach to a wider audience.

Through our unique marketing tactics and a partnership network, we are leaving no stone unturned to promote our website for the benefits of suppliers and customers.

heavenking.co is a full-fledged e-commerce website with all payment facilities that you get in a regular e-commerce website, including credit card processing, digital wallets, net banking and cash on delivery. Top-class courier services will be used to get the products delivered. Cutting-edge server technologies are used if you are using services available on our website.

Our Vision

In the coming two years we have grand plans for heavenking.co. We will make sure that heavenking.co becomes one of the biggest e-commerce brands in the country, contributing towards the economy of the country and also providing employment opportunities to the youth.

We believe that profit shouldn’t be the sole motive of any business because after all, a business thrives on the society’s ability to spend, and the society can only spend if it can make money.

Hence, our vision also includes, aside from turning heavenking.co into one of the biggest e-commerce websites in the country, creating a strong network of highly driven entrepreneurs whether they are our customers or business partners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread inward and outward prosperity. We are a growth-oriented company. So, we will be aggressively promoting our e-commerce website through all the available channels. We will be using multiple platforms to promote our business with the objective of making heavenking.co a force to reckon with.

We tend to inculcate a culture of entrepreneurship among our youth.

We are also concerned about the environmental impact of e-commerce websites, so we will make sure that we leave minimum-possible carbon footprint through our business activities.

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